A Trip to Perth


On 14th Tuesday April, I went to visit my Gran and Grandpa with my brother. We got the train from our town to Perth, which wasn’t as long as I thought it’d be. I guess the Starbucks I had helped me get through it a little bit better.

When we arrived, we played a couple games of cards. We always do this when we visit, without fail. Pick up Five, Sevens, Rummy, Old Maid – you name it, we play it!

After having lunch, my brother and I met up with some of our friends (who are brother and sister too). We all went go-karting at Noah’s Ark, which is an amazing place! We payed to go on for five minutes and we had the track to ourselves. I’ll tell you a funny story that happened… So, I went around the trick a few times and all of a sudden my kart stopped. I looked at the instructor and he held up a sign that said “FOOT OFF OF THE BRAKE”. Embarrassed is an understatement! But after I realised my stupid mistake, I bolted off and was going super fast. Go-karting is so much fun and I’d love to go again!

We all then went to the Town Centre and got a drink from Costa. I don’t know the name of the drink I got, but it tasted heavily! Because the weather was quite warm, this went down a treat. So we were just sitting on some grass at the Inch, chatting away to each other. We then went to KFC for some early dinner, walked around some shops, played kerby like old times, watched Frozen, and then went back to my Gran and Grampa’s house. I just have to say, Frozen is such a good film! I love the soundtrack and Olaf is so cute! I finally found out what all the hype was about, and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

The next day, my auntie, sister, and one of my cousins came up to visit for the day. We all went to the Town Center to hit the shops. We went to Primark first and that’s where I did the most damage. (I have a haul video due up on my YouTube channel on Sunday 19th, so do check that out when it’s up!) I was so excited to see their S/S range, and it is indeed amazing! We then went to other shops like H&M, Debenhams, GAME, but I surprisingly didn’t buy anything else. Afterwards, we went to Willows for a drink and something small to eat. I got a white hot chocolate and halved a caramel shortbread with my sister – yum!

We then went to some charity shops. I absolutely love rummaging through rails and finding a gorgeous piece of clothing, that doesn’t cost a lot. They’re just like eBay, but you don’t get stressed as there’s no bidding wars involved. I got a DVD and a top from the British Heart Foundation. Both of which cost less than a fiver combined – bargain galore!

I left and went to meet up with my friend and we played a board game – how old school?! It was called “The Logo Game”, which is really fun but a bit tricky. It all of a sudden was time to go back to my Gran and Grampa’s house for dinner, then we said our goodbyes and travelled back home.

So that was my lovely few days away! I really enjoyed it and I hope to go back in the Summer. If you read through all of that, give yourself a pat on the back as it was quite long haha. Hopefully you enjoyed this lifestyle post as much as I liked creating it!

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