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Monday, 20 April 2012

The Light Keepers

I’m so excited to be participating in Heather’s The Light Keepers. You can find the other participating blogs on the linky. The rules are simple —

Grab your camera, and see what you can capture on your hikes, long drives, or wherever you roam.

Have fun!

The judges will pick the best entries, and the winner will get his or her photo posted here to share with us all!


That’s all I got,


Below are some pics I took this afternoon.

A bird sat on the grass outside of the store where I work. You see, in the summertime, we have a lot of seagulls around the store. Most of them like to sit on the roofs, but this one flew on in while the store was closed for the lunch break. This was the first time I’d seen it during the open hours.

I believe you can see the Post Office in the background. The sign on the roof says “Crawford Mailing Service.”

Tucked on the outskirts of the town, there’s a large cemetery. A visitor is welcome to walk around at any time.

I took my dog for a walk on the trail that leads down to the village center. You can see the church on the other side of the mountain. I’ve hiked this trail many times, and this was the first time the trail was in “winter mode.”

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how to tell sqlite to ask for e-mail address

I have a table with email addresses and I would like to ask the user to enter an email address before inserting it into the table
This is my current code:
NSMutableString *mySqlStatement = [[NSMutableString alloc] init

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