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What’s the best way to implement a simple login system?

I’m currently using a simple username password login system for when users need to enter sensitive information to a website. When a user logs in it simply displays the sensitive information (would use session data for now, read up on sessions later) and the information is destroyed when the user logs out. The sensitive information is very low security and should not be used to determine if the user is logging in, it’s just used to provide the users with access to the site and allow them to see the pages which they should be seeing. When the user is logged in the site then checks the user information to see whether or not the user is logged in.
What do you think? Is this the best way to do it? If not what should be the best way?


You can use AJAX to login and logout etc and you can also use sessions for authentication and others for user data based on you requirements.
You can use this AJAX login example for AJAX login.
For session
You can use sessions like this


The most secure option, by any means, is to treat a user login like a regular logout. Your cookies expire when the user closes their browser, which is the same as an exiting session. The user has been logged out. Your new user has not been logged in – just an old one.
If the user has been logged in, you can make a cookie expire whenever you want and see if it’s a valid one. If not, they have been logged out again. If so, you want to make sure to remove the cookie again. That’s just security through obscurity – someone with the code can just remove

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