Bourjois Mega Liner “Dark Black”


I received a Bourjois Mega Liner Dark Black as a gift as part of my subscription to Company Magazine. I always love trying out new eyeliners, as I’m always adding a cat eye to my makeup look. Bourjois is also an amazing cosmetic brand that I’ve recently fallen in love with, so I was incredibly excited to try out another one of their products.

When I first saw the applicator, I knew it was going to be quite hard to work with. It’s not what you’d have on your stereotypical liquid eyeliner, as it’s literally like a felt tip pen instead of a thin brush.

When I was doing my winged eyeliner, I felt it was quite awkward drawing on the lines and creating the wings. I couldn’t get right into my lash lines or do nice, thin lines because the applicator is thicker than I’m used to.

My first attempt at using this wasn’t too bad.  I couldn’t really get right onto my lash lines or do nice, thin strokes because the applicator is much thicker than I’m used to. I didn’t have amazingly straight lines or perfect flicks – they were both a little wobbly. Thankfully, my mascara covered up my small mistakes haha.

Besides it being a bit awkward to use, the formula for this liquid eyeliner is great. It’s super black, which makes my eyes pop and I can’t complain about that! It also states that it can last for 24 hours but I haven’t yet tested that. For the eight hours I had it on for, it did amazingly at staying put for a long length of time.

Being the eyeliner lover that I am, I did enjoy trying this product out even if it didn’t blow me away. It won’t be my go-to liquid liner, but I’m definitely going to give it another go and try to get better at using it.

Have you tried this product? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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