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Launchd Console – byteout

Somewhat disappointed to find that the MacSparky site didn’t actually launch
the console. It’s a bit of an experiment.

An aside: MacSparky’s header text focuses on the his user experience. That
user experience, ironically, seems to be a bit of a black box.

Actually, I think that was the idea. We wanted you to use that window to
figure out all the features.

I went to enter some commands and I can’t get past the example that launches

Is it running? Take the line that says “SCHEDULE = `hdiutil attach /path/to/
disk ~/Desktop/broken.dmg`” and change it to “SCHEDULE =
`xattr -c /path/to/disk ~/Desktop/broken.dmg`”

It says launchd needs to terminate the process

Then it needs to be configured to respawn. Check out a launchd.plist. There’s
probably an example in the example folder.

Ok, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m impressed. I’ve never used Apple’s

Apple鈥檚 launchd is a sort of more general purpose replacement for cron,
designed to be used for doing other types of background tasks other than
scheduling execution of applications and system daemons at certain times of

It鈥檚 also used in a much more automated way than cron or at least

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