PR Disclaimer

If something has been marked with an asterisk (*), it means I have been sent the product as a PR sample for a review.

I only accept products that fit with the content on my blog and my opinions on them are always 100% honest, just like all of the products I mention on my blog. I would never claim to love a product just because it was a “freebie”. Whether I have bought products with my own money or I have kindly been sent them, they will all be reviewed the exact same way.

If you would like to contact me regarding PR samples, then please do so by using my contact form.

Skimlinks Disclaimer

This blog uses Skimlinks to create a small revenue.

Skimlinks converts ordinary product links into affiliate links. This means if you click on one of said links and purchase the product, I’ll receive a small commission. This doesn’t apply to every link on my blog, only those that are merchants via Skimlinks. All links featured are links that would have been added regardless. Skimlinks just allows me to make a small amount of money for doing something I’ve always done – adding links to my blog posts.

Skimlinks is a really great way to make a money as a blogger – you can sign up here.

Sponsored Posts/Videos Disclaimer

Companies will sometimes pay me to test out their product(s) and share my opinion in a sponsored blog post/video. I only accept sponsorships if I’m genuinely interested in the company, the content fits with my content and it’s something my readers/viewers would like to read/watch.

Each product that has been sent out to me will be marked with an asterisk (*), and I always state when each blog post/video is sponsored at the bottom of the post/in the video description.

I’m always 100% honest with my opinions and I would never accept any money to review something positively. If I don’t particularly like something, I will say so despite it being sponsored or not.

If you would like to contact me regarding sponsored posts/videos, then please do so by using my contact form.

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