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The surgical technique that most closely resembles that of a traditional suture has traditionally been the transconjunctival technique. This technique may use a needle that is passed through a conjunctiva near the cornea and through a sclera at a point near the posterior margin of the eye. The needle and attached suture are passed through the conjunctiva and into the sclera. Once in the sclera, the suture may be pulled until it reaches a desired position to close the incision. One of the problems with the transconjunctival technique is the patient must be taken to another room to allow the conjunctiva to heal. This requires additional surgeries and can increase the risk of infection due to the general anesthesia required to bring the patient to the operating room.
It is an object of the present invention to reduce or eliminate the problems associated with the use of traditional sutures during eye surgeries.Modified Chicken Protocol

The Modified Chicken Protocol (MCP) is a conceptual protocol for computer file-sharing used by the BitTorrent protocol. It supersedes its predecessor,

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