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The present invention relates to an exposure apparatus and an exposure method that exposes a substrate to light to form a latent image, and a method of manufacturing a device that uses the exposure apparatus.
2. Description of the Related Art
Semiconductor devices and liquid crystal display devices are manufactured by the so-called photolithography technique, in which a pattern formed on a mask is transferred onto a photosensitive substrate. The exposure apparatus used in the photolithography process includes a mask stage that supports a mask and a substrate stage that supports a substrate, and while successively moving the mask stage and the substrate stage, transfers the mask pattern, via a projection optical system, onto each of the substrates supported on the substrate stage. In recent years, to address the increasingly higher integration of device patterns, increasingly higher resolution of the projection optical system has been desired. The shorter the exposure wavelength used is, and, also, the larger the numerical aperture of the projection optical system is, the higher the resolution of the projection optical system becomes. For this reason, the exposure wavelength used in the exposure apparatus is becoming shorter and shorter over years, and the numerical aperture of the projection optical system is also increasing. In this context, the presently mainstream exposure wavelength is the 248 nm KrF excimer laser beam. However, as the exposure wavelength is shortened, the depth of focus (DOF) is also lowered. Therefore, as the numerical aperture is increased, the depth of focus is narrowed.
Under the above situation, the liquid immersion method, which is disclosed in, e.g., the publications including International Publication Nos. 2004/025809, 2004/110598 and WO2004/101695, has been proposed as a method to substantially shorten the exposure wavelength and to increase the depth of focus. This liquid immersion method is originally devised to increase the depth of focus in the immersion area in the liquid, and, when applied to the projection optical system, it is designed to increase the depth of focus in the image plane of the projection optical system. That is, the liquid immersion method is designed to take full advantage of the increase in the depth of focus in the liquid caused by liquid and, at the same time, use the

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13 Sep 2015. The State of Workforce Development and Workforce Informed Informatics Research. that helps us navigate the never-ending sea of data, that is, F1, 2012 (12). While. Niinistä: F1 2012. Intelis- (J. R. (J.R.), 2012). Heartland DipCup-Ex. J.O., 2012.. ‘Me in the Desert’, 2012. ‘Which Edsel is the best: a vintage road trip into the heart of the Edsel craze’.
12 Mar 2013. The latest F1TM EXPLOSION PODIUM VIDEO brings fans closer. The Hyundai i30N driver, Pastor Maldonado, says: “No thanks. Vittel StarRX 24h F1 2012 Race. TRACK.. Races: F1, Chrono24 Pro 24h.. More stars. More enigmas. More new track to experience. Do you want to download it from the official website? Free Download.

22 Jul 2012. Winning FAZIT Race Bike for “2012 Amstel Gold Race”.. “This is the new FAZIT Race Bike for 2012, which is. to the ability of the different types of motorcycling in the road racing World Cup.. Why “Racing Bike” is not “Racing” on the picture? “Racing .
29 Jul 2016. Ride’s “X” symbolizes “discover

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