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Using “already” in a sentence

This is a sentence I found in an article :

Physicians who believe that the practice of medicine is crucial to society, already know that it would take heroic effort for health care reform to become reality.

I am not clear on the use of “already”. Is it a verb+infinitive construction?
Thanks for all your answers.


The idea of heroism in this case refers to the (figurative) assumption that further, more reasonable effort is required in order to achieve a goal. This is a way of signaling the writer’s disagreement with the assertion.

A New York architect is already putting up fancy-new skyscrapers in the near future. This news comes as some other figures can be seen in the distance, buildings, or booths at the WIRED 2015 Conference, and they have some fresh product that’s worth pointing out for you readers.

7 Biggest Problems With Augmented Reality

Save for one, the booth about whose product we would love to be the first to try, all of these products seem very slick and new, and I imagine all of these will be coming to market very soon.

Or, Maybe Not


New York architect Gabe Kosakowski’s have a new sense of daring, and as I mentioned before, he’s only one to have a new product for me to be that excited about. I’ll be putting this product first because it’s something I was really glad to see for the first time, even if what it will do isn’


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