Ford V Series Code Calculator.56l


Ford V Series Code Calculator.56l

The following information is based on the 2011 Census of Canada. It is a rollover sheet of the aggregated statistics presented on the “Colin’s Cars & Trucks”. The table is to provide a guide to the population distribution in each census tract. The census tracts represent geographic areas of approximately equal population. The rectangles represent the location of census tracts in Ontario. Site-specific figures (e.g., average household income, average household value, land area, etc.) from each census tract will be presented in a corresponding table.
The number of “registered” vehicles per 1,000 residents is based on resident-driver data provided by manufacturers.
The report also contains information such as:
Vehicle valuation: median house price, average value of household real estate, average household income, average household value.
Population by age and sex: overall, male, female, young, older.
Vehicle ownership by region, age, sex, household composition and household-size.
Vehicle ownership by sector and commodity.
Vehicle ownership by country of origin and area.
Vehicle ownership by license plate (year of registration).
Number of registered vehicles by segment.
Number of all vehicles by age and family size.
Number of 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled vehicles.
Number of vehicle age and model by year of manufacture.
Number of motorized transport class 1 (TAFB) vehicles.

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