Glasgow Blogger Bake off Event

A couple of months ago, I was kindly asked by Shaun from Joe Blogs to go to an event. The event was a blogger bake off and it was held in The Cookery School, Glasgow. This sounded absolutely amazing so I said yes! A day consisting of cooking and chatting to fellow bloggers? I’m down for that! I’d also never been to an blogger event before, so that made it all even more exciting!On Sunday 12th October, I made my way into Glasgow for the event. I met Amy and Elaine, then we all headed there together. (We did get a bit lost but we made it eventually!) When we arrived, we all sat down at a table and started chatting away. It was really nice to just sit down and talk to people who have the same hobby as you. After everyone had a good chinwag, we got told the plans for the day ahead.

We all headed into the kitchen to find out what we were baking first. The chef said it was scones and I’ve made scones before, so I wasn’t too worried about baking these haha. He showed us how to bake them and told us a few tips too. Once his demonstration was over, it was our turn! I was working with Amy and Irene. (The two gorgeous girls that appear in my pictures!) We all had a go at putting the ingredients into the bow, mixing them all together, ect. Once we were finished, a member of The Cookery School put our scones into an oven. Whilst we were waiting for them to bake, we all went outside for a group photo. Can you see the colourful box that we’re all holding? That’s a Kenwood hand mixer and we all received one at the end of the day! How exciting?!

When our scones were ready, we dug in straight away! Amy and I split one as they were absolutely massive, so we didn’t think we could finish a whole one to ourselves haha. We both put a generous amount of cream and jam on them. I washed my scrumptious scone down with a cup of tea, which went down a treat!

After our little break, we went back to the kitchen. It was time to make sponge cake, cupcakes and chocolate chip muffins! The chef showed us how to bake everything and told us a few tips again. (A tip I would give to you is pretend like the jam isn’t your friend and just batter it! It’ll make it a lot smoother and easier to spread.) We went back to our work stations and we used a fabulous Kenwood mixer. These babies make baking easier, faster and a lot more fun!

During the time that all of our goodies were in the oven, we sat down for some lunch. We kindly got given a bowl of soup and a dessert. Both were very yummy indeed! We all had a chit chat, discussing blogs, jobs, hobbies, family, ect. We also exchanged Instagrams, Twitters, and all of that stereotypical blogger stuff!

When everything was baked, we then went back through to the kitchen again. The chef showed us how to fill our sponge cakes and ways to could decorate our cupcakes. I have to admit, this was my favourite part! Amy, Irene and I went all out with the decorating! Our cupcakes ended up looking fabulous and they tasted great too!

Overall, this day was amazing! As cheesy as it sounds, it’s a definitely a day that I’ll never forget. I met some lovely bloggers and learned a lot of baking skills! I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Joe Blogs and to Currys for hosting this event! Also to the staff of The Cookery School as they were really nice! I hope you liked us Glasgow bloggers and come back in the near future!

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