Hillary’s Crafternoon Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to another event by the ever so lovely Joe Blogs team. It wasn’t baking this time, it was crafts galore! Joe Blogs teamed up with Hillarys and The Crafty Hen to do The Craft Roadshow in a few places around the UK. For us Scottish bloggers, our workshop was held in The Butterfly & The Pig tea rooms on Bath Street, Glasgow. I’d never been there before nor had I done crafts in a very long time, so I was rather excited for this day!

I met up with Amy from Boldly Gold beforehand, then we headed to the event together. I met Amy at the last event Joe Blogs held and it was lovely to see her again! When we arrived at The Butterfly & The Pig, I was stunned by all of the decor inside! I found it so beautiful to look at so me being me, I just had to take a picture of the room that we all were in.

We all sat down and had a chat before we got started on the crafts. It was really nice to see some familiar faces again and some new ones too! We got given an introduction from all of the teams then we began! We firstly made a notebook cover and a lady from The Crafty Hen talked us through how to do it. I’m not the best at crafts so I also got some extra help from Amy. (Thank you again!) It took me a while to get the hang of stitching and using the glue gun, but I eventually made a blue and white themed notebook cover. Personally, I think it looks so pretty – if I do say so myself!

After we finished up on our notebook covers, we each kindly received a lovely slice of cake courtesy of The Butterfly & The Pig. I went for the Red Velvet cake and it tasted delicious! It was a huge slice and I didn’t want to waste any, so I just managed to finish it! (I also love cake so there was no way I was leaving any…)

Once we ate our cakes, we then started on our next crafting piece. One of the ladies from The Crafty Hen showed us how to create a bird using the fabrics from Hillarys again. I just didn’t get the hang of it so unfortunately, I didn’t make a cute bird like everyone else. I clearly did not get the crafty gene in my family…

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Joe Blogs team, Hillarys and The Crafty Hen. I had so much fun and I loved meeting some new people, as well as seeing others bloggers I had previously met. I’m really grateful that I was invited to Hillary’s Crafternoon and I’m already looking forward to the next event!

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