MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil “Whirl”


Recently, I uploaded a YouTube video to my channel called Kylie Jenner Inspired Lip Tutorial. In the video I re-created Kylie’s current go-to lip look using two MAC products that she actually uses herself. The two products are a lip liner called Whirl and a lipstick called Velvet Teddy.

Whirl is a gorgeous brown shade with a hint of purple in it. Before I bought this, I had never tried a colour like it. It was nice to experiment and go for something different colour that wasn’t pink or red. Because I fell in love with this lip pencil so much, I’ve been wearing it almost every single day since I purchased it.

Like I did in my YouTube video, I slightly over line my lips with this. I line the shape of my natural lips, go over my natural lip line a little bit, then fill my lips in. I either wear it on its own or under a lipstick. It lasts around 5 hours before I need to touch up, and that’s with me drinking and eating during that time too. When I apply lipsticks over this, they last definitely longer. I think that’s due to it being matte and everyone knows, I really do love a matte lip!

This lip pencil was £12.50 and in my opinion, that’s not too bad considering it is from MAC. Then again, it is quite expensive compared to the drugstore. However, MAC lip liners are definitely worth the money! I love this one so much that I’m planning on buying another one for the Autumn and Winter months.

Do you own any MAC lip pencils? If so, what ones?

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