MAC Cosmetics Lipstick “Velvet Teddy”

My first MAC lipstick has been purchased! You may have known that if you watched my Kylie Jenner Inspired Lip Tutorial or read my MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl Review. Due to my obsession with Kylie’s current go-to lip look, I caved and bought Velvet Teddy. I’m sure you would have heard of this lipstick by now, as everyone and their dog seems to have it haha.

Velvet Teddy is a brown, nude colour with a matte formulation. I’ve never bought a shade like this before because I always thought that I would never in a million years suit a brown lipstick. It turns out that browns do suit lighter skin tones! Although, I think that if this was any lighter than it is, I would definitely look dead….

Like I said, this lipsticks formula is matte – my fave! It isn’t too drying on my lips and it lasts a long time with or without lip liner. If I am wearing a lip liner with this, I’ll use Whirl. Whirl is a lip product that Kylie also uses and it goes perfectly with Velvet Teddy.

This lipstick goes great with neutral makeup looks. I really like wearing it when I have brown/gold eye makeup on because all of the neutral shades compliment each other. It’s safe to say that Velvet Teddy is a great everyday lippy!

MAC lipsticks are £15.50 and that is a little bit more than a lipstick from the drugstore. Personally, and I think a lot of bloggers would say this too, the £15.50 is well worth it. You can tell the difference between a high end and “low end” lipstick. The pigmentation, the lasting power, how it goes on, ect. I’m not saying that drugstore lipsticks are rubbish because they’re definitely not. I’m just saying that spending that little bit more on a high end lipstick is worth every penny! My bank balance will end up hating me because I have a list of lipsticks from MAC that I would love to try! If you know of any good shades, do let me know!

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