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Series: Nana Kamare Sinhala Film Download.

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Monday, May 13, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, we hear the Gospel presented as:

“There is no Hell”

“There is no Hell”

“No Hell? No Hell?”

“No Hell. We need to preach the Gospel”

Well, I am sick and tired of listening to this fallacy of which my preacher friend, Pastor Ed Rempel, is guilty (of which his church is caught in the trap). I have heard these arguments several times a day, after church. No Hell? No Hell?

It is a devilish lie from the mouth of Satan.

No Hell? Satan, the Devil? An eternal Hell is a Hell too damn dark for man’s eyes to even perceive. I know, I have been there.

Dangerously wrong!

I have a friend who was taught that one day there would be a fiery Hell, that God’s wrath would come forth on wicked and reprobate man.

There was no prayer for forgiveness. There was no link to Jesus, savior.

Instead, it was taught that God had lost all love for his children.

Evil had won.


My friend was taught by a teacher who was devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. She was not the first or the last to be taught this.

After years of persuasion and doctrine from him, she turned her soul over to the One Who can forgive sin and restore the sinner’s relationship to God.

I marvel at the love of God and the way he forgives us, even when we have been hardened by the world. He cannot, for

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