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Woron Scan 2.10

Fonus, EZLINK, SAGA 5000, SAGA 2000, SAGA 500, SAGA 200, BlackBird, PalmOn, etc.
Best ways to get your lost sim card back?. SIM scanning the free version of Woron software.
January 26, 2009
Woron Scan & SIM Extractor Software. Woron’s Scan & SIM Extractor scans sim cards and extracts data from them. A sim card contains phone-related data such as phone book, call logs, message details, phone dialing records, data about phone calls, the number of airtime units, etc. Once you extract the data on a computer, you can use it to show on any phone, or you can convert it to another format and use it on another phone. Woron software can extract sim card data from various brands of phones such as Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia, etc.
Does anyone know if my sim card is compatible with my phone?. Woron’s SIM Extractor Software can extract data from mobile phones, such as phone calls, messages, etc. It can also extract data from SIM cards used in GSM phones. Woron’s SIM extractor software can extract call records and call log data from telephone service operators’ SIM cards. Woron’s SIM extractor software is a part of Woron’s Phone Data Extractor Software. This software can convert phone data to.
How can I recover my lost sim card? . Only if you lost your mobile phone without a sim card, you can recover your phone data by using Woron’s SIM Extractor Software. If you lost your SIM card, you can also recover it. Such as mentioned above you can use Woron’s SIM Extractor Software.
My sim card was scanned wrongly and i lost my information. . Woron’s SIM Extractor can handle all types of sim cards, such as sim cards used in GSM phones, smart phones, cellphone phones, etc. Woron’s SIM Extractor scans sim card information. Woron’s SIM Extractor can extract phone dialing records, phone numbers, call logs, call details, missed calls, call dates, call times, call duration, voice recordings, etc. Phone data from mobile phones such as phone calls, mobile phone numbers, phone dialing records, SMS (text message), call logs, voicemail, etc. can be extracted from sim cards.
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