No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick “Classic Rose”

This blog post is long over due! A few months ago, I bought two No7 Stay Perfect lipsticks – one is called Gay Geranium and the other one is called Classic Rose. I’ve already done a review on Gay Geranium, so today’s blog post is going to be the review on Classic Rose.

Classic Rose is just what the name suggests – a classic rose shade. It’s a dark pink and it would really suit every skin tone. I’m pale and I think it compliments my fair skin very well.

A good thing about this lipstick shade is that it can be worn throughout every season. Some of my lipsticks can only be used in certain seasons. For example, all of my dark colours can’t really be worn in the Spring and Summer. Classic Rose is one of those lipstick shades that can be worn whenever and wherever. It is so versatile and it goes with so many different makeup looks. It’s nice with the natural look I was wearing in the photos, but it can also be paired with dark smokey eyes for a night out. Like I said, Classic Rose is very versatile and everyone should have it in their lipstick collection.

The formula for this lipstick is matte so it stays put for a very long time. A lipstick that doesn’t need a lot of upkeep is always a good’un! Being matte, it doesn’t have that stereotypical dry and horrible formula. It’s actually quite creamy and very moisturising!

Classic Rose is priced at £9.95 and as I said in my Gay Geranium review, No7’s lipsticks are a little bit more expensive than most drugstore lipsticks. I really do think they’re worth the extra money as the packaging is lovely, the formulations are good, the colours are amazing, ect. If you haven’t tried a lipstick from No7 before, I definitely recommend that you do!

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