No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick “Gay Geranium”


I’m a huge lipstick lover and I have an average collection, all of which are from different brands – drugstore and high end. One drugstore brand that I’ve never tried anything from is No7. No7 is a specifically sold at Boots and they sell a wide range of beauty products. I never bought anything from this brand until I saw one of my favourite bloggers, Meg from Megs Boutique, wear a gorgeous orange lipstick called Gay Geranium. I loved how it looked on her and I just had to have it.

Gay Geranium is a bright, coral orange shade. (To be honest, I think my camera didn’t pick up how bright this lipstick actually is.) I was going slightly out of my comfort zone when buying this, as I had never worn an orange lipstick before in my life! I’m glad I bit the bullet and bought it, because now I really do like having orange lips. I’d definitely say it’s the perfect lipstick for Spring and Summer. Although it’s Autumn now, I’ll still occasionally show this some love because it’s too beautiful to tuck away for months and months. Who said you can’t have bright lips in the Autumn/Winter? No one!

The only negative I have about this lipstick shade is that it makes your teeth look a lot more yellow than they actually are. My teeth aren’t the whitest due to my tea addiction, so this orange lipstick enhances the stains and makes them a little bit more noticeable.

This lipstick has a matte formula – my favourite! For me, matte lipsticks tend to last a lot longer on my lips than lipsticks that aren’t matte. I get quite lazy when it comes to topping up my lipstick throughout the day, so this formulation is perfect for me. When some people hear that a lipstick is matte, they automatically think that the lipstick is going to be drying. Sometimes that can be true, but this lipstick is really creamy and moisturising. That being said, this lipstick can occasionally get too creamy and slide off quite quickly. This is probably my fault as I can over apply but just keep that in mind!

Gay Geranium is part of No7’s Stay Perfect lipstick range so they are priced at £9.95. Yes, they’re a little bit more pricey than your average drugstore lipstick. However, this lipstick does feel and look better than some other lipsticks I’ve bought from the high street. For instance, the packaging definitely does look more expensive. It’s in a shiny, sleek tube with No7 engraved on the lid and the lipstick is shaped differently too, which also makes it look more expensive.

With that being said, No7 always seem to have amazing offers on so you’ll never really have to pay full price for their products. When I bought Gay Geranium, I also bought another lipstick as they were having a buy one, get one half price offer. (A blog post on the other lipstick I bought will be coming soon.) Due to that offer, I got two of their lipsticks for £14.93 instead of £19.90. Even though they’re a couple more pounds than Rimmel London for example, they’re 100% worth it!

Would you ever wear a daring lipstick like this?

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