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Receiving a signal from a button in PySpark

I am unable to receive a signal from my button in a Pyspark code. My buttons are created in a UI layout of this:
# Check the size of the data already in the database:
print(‘Allowed value of rows’)
rows =
max_rows = rows + 50
print(‘Rows now:’, rows)

# Check the size of the indices already in the database:
ind = []
all_inds = x: x[1]).collect()
for i in range(0,len(all_inds)):
size += len(all_inds[i])
print(‘All indices in database (size): ‘, size)
max_size = max(max_size,size)

# Create the Dataset
sqlContext = HiveContext(sc)

df_text = sqlContext.createDataFrame(text_file.rdd, [‘id’,’word’])

# Change the indices: (This is the part that I am not being able to do)
df_text = df_text.withColumn(‘id’, x: x + (100000))).withColumn(‘word’, df_text.word)
ind = np.array([line[1] for line

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