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Mar 16, 2020
I know you probably get this all the time, but when I download game save editor it still says some servers down, is there anywhere else that could download a save file editor?


Checkout this thread
From the link:
The first time I remember it being mentioned was in 2011, and they told us we were all crazy. But, here we are.
From Back when save editors were terrible:

I actually remember a game called HeroQuest that had something like that. It didn’t require the download of any data files, it was pretty good.

HeroQuest – Unlock any character

As for the reason for it not working, I think it has to do with the fact it is no longer up and running. Saves are very precious to many people.
I would really, really not recommend using a version of the game that is too old, not even on their forum.
They made another version of the editor for iOS
Titan Quest: World of Warcraft for iOS.
They did take a pass on making Android versions, however, the apps are back and running again.
Heres a link to the updated version(s)


reading files from a network share using PHP/MS SQL Server

I have two servers, one is a PHP webserver, and the other is a MS SQL database server.
They are connected to each other through a router (ip filtering is on).
I need to read a list of files from a network share folder on the database server. In fact, the webserver can read the network share, but it would be nice if the database can also read the share, just the way the webserver does.
As far as I know, the network share is mounted in the \srv\ directory.
How do I do that?


PHP can only access files/folders on your local machine, or through Apache’s Virtualhost ability – though I’m sure that could be expanded to accessing files in a network share, unless of course your domain isn’t set up the right way.
You could always try to expand PHP to a 5th level such that it could access things like network shares.

OCS was written by Adam Huffman and is currently maintained by
Javier Aron.

Oct 21, 2019
Save file editor that allows you to edit your save file, in case your game crashes or you lose your save file[]. In the…

Сохранение файлов и игровых систем для игр, в которых захватывается изображение, например, на макКаленте. Программа доступна для различных систем, включая Windows, Mac, Linux и Android, а также нескольких сайтов для различных платформ. В функцию входят поддержка разных форматов изображений, включая PNG и JPEG, а также поддержка незахватываемых ресурсов, включая картинки изображений из эмулятора. Программа имеет массу инструментов для редактирова

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