Sleek Blush “Coral”

You’d be very surprised at how many blushers I own compared to the stereotypical beauty blogger. I’ve not really been one to have a good look through all of the blushers in Boots or Superdrug, because I was just sticking to the few that I had stashed away in my drawer. A few weeks ago, I was getting very bored of wearing the same blushers. I thought it was about time I went on the hunt for a brand spanking new one.

I knew straight away what brand I was going to check out first and that brand is called Sleek. I’m pretty sure you would have heard of this fabulous makeup brand before. I’m a massive fan and I’ve bought a couple of products from them in the past, which are all truly loved. I knew that whatever item I’d buy, it’d be really good quality and I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Of course, I was looking at the blushers section. I already own the Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Lace 367, and this made me fall in love with Sleek’s blushers as soon as I started using it. I was really tempted to buy another palette but I decided I’d just go for one of their single blushers instead. The shade that took my fancy was called Coral.

Coral has pink and orange tones through it as well as a slight shimmer. I really like wearing bright blushers and considering it’s Summer, I thought I’d go for a coral colour. It’s not as bright as I thought it would be but it’s definitely not dark. I’ve been wearing this a lot recently and I love it! The pigmentation is amazing and the blusher lasts all day on my cheeks. I can work shifts as long as 10 hours, so having a blusher that can last that long is a complete bonus! I’m quite fair skinned and this suits my complexion really well. It gives my cheeks a nice, healthy flush of colour. Even though I’m pale, I think this would suit all skin tones.

I really like the packaging for this product. It’s small so it’s easy enough just to just throw into your makeup bag, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room. This has a mirror inside of it as well, which makes it really handy for touching up on the go. Sleek’s packaging reminds me a lot of the NARS packaging which I also love. The only problem with it is that it gets dirty very quickly. All of the excess makeup in my makeup bag just seems to cling to it, so I like to give my Sleek products a wipe down every now and then. (You don’t have to do this, I’m just OCD when it comes to makeup haha.)

Before I end this blog post, I’d just like to quickly apologize for not sticking to my blogging schedule as well as I should have been. I changed my blogging schedule from Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, but I’ve now changed it back to what it originally was. I was also on holiday for a week so that’s another reason as to why there was no blog posts. Anyway, I’ll stop with the blabbering and just say that my blogging schedule is back to normal and I have a lot of exciting blog posts coming up, so stay tuned!

What Sleek blushers do you like?

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