Windows 7 Ultimate X86 X64 German Torrent



Windows 7 Ultimate X86 X64 German Torrent

I started my machine up and it works fine…but when I log in and click on the desktop, it just flashes on the screen for a second then disappears. A little red dot, with the universal menu bar thing (the little square) on it, appears next to the screen and a few seconds later, the red dot disappears. My keyboard is not responsive, I just see a green box.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) preactivated.


Okay! I think I solved it! I have a Windows 7 system, and I had downloaded an ISO of Windows 7 Professional, with 32-bit system, in German language. That ISO burned fine, and worked perfectly.
So I downloaded that version, and then burned it again, making sure it was burned as an ISO, not the DVD ISO. This time it would not burn. It gave me a magic code, and then gave me a message that the disk could not be written to the disk!
Well, I was trying to burn this ISO as an ISO, so I had to burn the ISO as a DVD, because it would not burn an ISO that it could not write to the disk! So I created a DVD, using the ISO, and it worked fine, and I was able to log in fine. I am assuming that the DVD burner detected the error, and went through the logs on the disk to record the error!
I am guessing that the Windows 7 DVD burner was interpreting my ISO as the “DVD ISO”, not a “ISO” so that it could store any error messages on the DVD disk!
So it seems my lesson from this is, go through the logs on the DVD disk, to determine which version you have burned (ISO), and then burn that version!
This may seem like a whole lot of additional steps, but it isn’t really, because most of the time, the DVD burner will create the DVD just fine!
So, in the end, I guess that I did learn a little bit of Windows 7 and some of the ISO burning process. I am glad I could figure it out!

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